Real Estate Lawyer Brooklyn NY

The LAW FIRM OF DAYREL SEWELL, PLLC is well-versed and well-experienced in representing clients in the special combination of transactional as well as litigation real estate matters. Some examples of successful litigation involve commercial litigation, HPD and ECB disputes, mixed-use property issues, and breaches of contract. Some examples of successful transactions involve closings, broker services, property conveyances, property/water tax lien disputes, title searches, and ACRIS recordings.

Moreover, Attorney Sewell is Vice-Chair of the Brooklyn Bar Association Real Property Committee and publishes on real property matters. The firm is committed to improving the quality of services to real estate consumers and the legal community.

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The firm provides full-service patent prosecution and litigation services to its clients.

All of the attorneys at this firm, in addition to receiving their law licenses, have outstanding technical and scientific expertise from leading academic and scientific institutions. Moreover, each attorney has successfully passed the arduous United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent Bar examination and is a registered patent attorney.

This is no small accomplishment. A small percentage of attorneys possess these remarkable qualifications, let alone are able to even qualify to sit for the Patent Bar. More laudatory, is the fact that the majority of the firm’s attorneys possess Big Firm experience and advanced degrees in addition to their Juris Doctor degrees. In addition to publishing and presenting on scientific and intellectual property topics, our attorneys have professional experience in the science and medical community. The exquisite combination of law and science, at a high level, requires a talented mind and a dedicated individual. The firm is proud of its members’ accomplishments and more pleased to offer these outstanding attorneys to its clients.

The firm provides full-service patent prosecution and litigation services to its clients. We invite you to enjoy patent practice at its best.

Mr. Sewell continuously distinguishes himself as a top intellectual property attorney. He is recognized as “Superb” and a “Top Intellectual Property Attorney” by the lawyer-rating service Avvo. Furthermore, Attorney Sewell is Chair of the Brooklyn Bar Association Intellectual Property Committee.

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Can Crypto-Currency Revolutionize the Music Industry?

It was only a matter of time before cryptocurrency [1] pervaded the music industry.  The proliferation and potential applications of blockchain seem to be the perfect fit for the challenges struggling musicians face.  While musicians are the creators of their art, it’s the record labels that distribute the music who tend to own the songs.  It is for this reason Paul McCartney has now been fighting for 40 years for the rights to The Beatles albums.[3]  As technology evolves, some crafty music executives have been devising new ways for musicians to protect and sell their songs.

The Crypto Solution

Hakim Draper, cofounder of Boogie Shack Music Group, has been creating a new means for every artist in the music industry to have their very own digital currency.  Boogie Shack has teamed up with Tao Network, a blockchain-based content distribution platform for the music industry, and plans to use XTO tokens (XTO = Tao Network’s abbreviation for it’s cryptocurrency) to create a unique currency for music artists.  Each artist will be able to sell rights to their songs in exchange for XTO tokens.[4]

The potential for musician’s intellectual property (IP) to be converted into monetized data will serve as a direct pipeline between artists and their fans.  Artists and fans may very well collaborate on songs, merchandising, and tours, meaning the level of fan involvement will directly correlate to an artist’s success.  The more artists rely on other funding sources, the more of their rights they are forced to give away.  This has the potential to be a great step forward for artists in the music industry assuming that the fans who support these artists using cryptocurrency will have the artist’s best interests in mind.  It should also be noted that cryptocurrencies such as XTO—especially in their early phases with limited funding—are controlled by a very small number of people who could potentially thwart/control the artist.  It should also be noted—even despite all the traction it has been gaining—cryptocurrency is not regulated by the SEC, so it is new ground that many are skeptical about.  There has been no legal entity or other organizational form that governs and protects the ongoing developments and ensures fair decision-making for cryptocurrencies in the United States.[5]

Current Issues in the Music Industry

Most issues stem from the complexities around who “owns” a song.  Ownership is critical as it secures the right to royalties for any use of the song for the owners fortunate enough to be royalty holders.[6]  As we are in the year 2018, it’s not surprising that streaming has emerged as the most important source of incoming royalties representing 62% of royalty revenue in 2017 (worth about $5 billion).  Record companies tend to walk away with the lion’s share of revenue, while only the most popular artists and songwriters gain relatively small sums of money relative to the popularity of their output.  To put it in perspective, struggling artists have complained that a million listens on a streaming service are worth about $100 to the writer of the song once the music industry has taken its cut.[8]

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Solving all of your problems with real estate

Have you realized that you need a little bit more help when thinking about a real estate legal matter? We can totally understand you, because most of the times it may be confusing for people. But, you won’t find yourself having any of problems with that any more because we are going to give you the best solutions to all of your problems. When you learn how things work, then you are able to know how to act the best, right? It is all about the knowledge. Let’s start!

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Brooklyn is what can help you to understand the whole process you are going through and to get the best of it. Tired of so many mistakes? Everyone can correlate, don’t worry, you are not the only one. But, when talking about it, first of all, you need to understand how it works. Let’s say that you are buying a house, or maybe even selling it, worried about owning a property (a condo, for example), or even a single-family residence. What can help you in these situations? Definitely a real estate lawyer. Can he or she help you with a commercial real estate? The answer is, of course, yes! You are at the right place. It may happen that you get into some problems when it comes to property or commercial real estate. The most common things that happen are definitely having a dispute with any of the house owner’s association or even worse some noise from neighbour you are too shy to even discuss. It doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but we can understand that it makes your everyday life to be uncomfortable. People also tend to have some problems when it comes to mortgage and some issues that may involve their deed. That could be for example an easement or mortgage fraud. People also experience a lien and encroachment. Everything you need is to find a perfect commercial estate lawyer and to stay safe and enjoy your life to the max.

Real Estate Attorney Brooklyn is another option you should consider. So, what do you need? You definitely need someone who is first of all totally honest, and the second thing would be to find someone who is well experienced. You need a veteran with years of experience that will be able to handle any situation that may appear. Also, I am pretty sure that you know how many so-called unexpected situations happen each day. Then, double it and you will get as many unexpected ‘’problems’’ that can occur in your whole process of making your life better. But, it is not all lost, because you have a choice to make it better. Also, you can get the proper help. A proper attorney will be able to easily help all of his or her clients to go through the whole process of the contract. It all starts with opening a contract to closing it in all the five boroughs. It may be a hard process, but not anymore. Forget what you have experienced, or even better-learn from your mistakes, so they won’t repeat again in the future!

When thinking about law firms, you definitely need to decide what would be your best choice-and we can recommend Intellectual Property Law Brooklyn. There is where you will find your solutions to all of your problems and conflicts. Everyone wants someone who is totally specialized in working with entrepreneurs but also the investors. They all go together through a patent process which is usually hard, if someone wants to do it all by them self. Having some troubles with handling it all alone when it comes to patents, trademarks, and intellectual property and its licensing? Follow our advice and forget about it. You will feel safe and besides that, you will accomplish all of your dreams and plans. Surpassing the clients’ goals is what is a must for all intellectual property law intellectuals and advisor’s. You will usually get some free consultations to realize if that is your best choice. Don’t be lazy to spend a few more extra hours, because believe me, it will all make you a huge profit for your future. Tired of having so many problems and conflicts that won’t leave your brain? You know what you should do!

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The crucial things for successful business

Have you ever wondered what would be the best steps to improve your business’s benefits? I am sure that you did it already because this topic concerns you. But, have you tried everything to do your best? Think about it a bit. It must be that you have missed something because you are still searching for the right answer. That is exactly why we are here! To help you to make the best of it, and of course, to guide you through the whole process! So, I won’t take any of your time, let’s begin and upgrade your success!

Business Litigation Lawyer Brooklyn is what you are searching for. It can deliver you the exceptional representation that always comes with a great value! What else can someone wish for? Do you know that every single company, and it doesn’t correlate with the kind of business it has, needs to realize all of the substantial benefits that can be achieved by working very closely with some of the best and of course the experienced legal counsel. So, what will you get from it? I think that it is obvious, but I am going to represent you all the benefits for your better understanding. What about extensive legal knowledge? Well, it is a crucial thing for your success, but you need to remember very well that it is not the only part of the needed equation. What are the characteristics of a great lawyer? He or she definitely needs to have an instinctive understanding of you and of your business needs, don’t you agree? The industry-specific knowledge is the second thing that is very crucial if you want to talk about success. It will give you the opportunity to achieve all of your goals. Practical problem solving is what is always expected to be prepared on your road to success.

Dreaming about high-quality Patent Law Firms? It may literally sound like a dream, but not any more. Besides being a high quality, you also need a high tech and high energy law firm, right? A high value is also something every person would search for. When thinking about emerging technologies, every one of us wants something that is legal expertise. The innovative tech companies are always in fear that their needs won’t be fully understood, and we can totally understand their feelings, or yours. All you can expect from the law firm is a complete development and constant research. Besides that, it is a continuity that must be followed. You know how it is said: ‘’There are millions of steps to the top, but only one to the bottom’’. We can totally agree with that, and I am 100% sure that you can too. International patent strategies are what interest the clients too. Law firms can provide patent drafting and also the prosecution services which are the best solution for all those companies that are considering their patent portfolio to be the first core of the business asset.

What about hiring the proper business lawyer? We will now relieve you the 3rd secret of your future success, so stay concentrated. I am sure that there are many people who are confused when it comes to hiring a proper business lawyer, and everyone can understand that. You need someone you truly trust, but you also need someone to keep you on the right track. Besides that, such person needs to have a great personality with a lot of empathy, because only with such personality that lawyer could understand all of your plans and wishes. So, what exactly do you need? First of all, you need an accountant to whom you trust with all your heart, and the second thing would be to find the perfect lawyer that would fit all of your needs. A key to success? Yes, everything I have told you here is actually a reliable key to success. So, you just need to try it, and later on to enjoy what we have accomplished together. Be aware that what you need is a vital assistance in every step you make when it comes to your business. Besides that, you also want someone who is experienced, well-connected, who already has the clients in your industry, and a great teacher.

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Intellectual Property Litigation Brooklyn

At the LAW FIRM OF DAYREL SEWELL, PLLC we remain federal and state court trial-ready. Great consideration, directed energy, and several years of litigation expertise are devoted to obtaining successful client results. It is our philosophy that when litigation is best to protect and enforce the rights of our clients, that painstaking attention to detail and well-thought litigation strategy—coupled with experienced litigators—are the best service to clients.

We work closely with clients to emphasize the merits of their case, so that the best case can be made to the court. In addition to full-scale litigation, the firm implements an array of strategies for clients including, but not limited to, arbitration, mediation, and settlement negotiations. Whichever route is decided upon, it is done so at the best interest of our clients at all times.

Mr. Sewell continuously distinguishes himself as a top litigation attorney. He is recognized as “Superb” and a “Top Litigation Attorney” by the lawyer-rating service Avvo.

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Commercial Real Estate Attorney Brooklyn

The LAW FIRM OF DAYREL SEWELL, PLLC is well-versed and well-experienced in representing clients in the special combination of transactional as well as litigation real estate matters. Some examples of successful litigation involve commercial litigation, HPD and ECB disputes, mixed-use property issues, and breaches of contract. Some examples of successful transactions involve closings, broker services, property conveyances, property/water tax lien disputes, title searches, and ACRIS recordings.

Moreover, Attorney Sewell is Vice-Chair of the Brooklyn Bar Association Real Property Committee and publishes on real property matters. The firm is committed to improving the quality of services to real estate consumers and the legal community.

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Bar Association Chair and Vice-Chair

The LAW FIRM OF DAYREL SEWELL, PLLC is pleased to announce that Mr. Sewell is now appointed as Chair of the Brooklyn Bar Association Intellectual Property Committee and Vice-Chair of the Brooklyn Bar Association Real Property Committee.

Bar members are encouraged to join the intellectual property law brooklyn and/or Real Property sections. Several benefits of membership include Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes, other professional development (i.e., networking), and social events.

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All About The Ideal Corporate And Business Entities

If you are thinking about the best interests for your own business, and still cannot come out with any idea that makes you feel safe and confident, then, you will need to reassess your beliefs. All in all, every one of us wants to be as successful as a person can be. Someone runs a small business, someone runs a big business, but the point is the same. How to get the best of it? Have you ever tried so many times and failed? Have you tried all the strategies that exist? Or at least, all the strategies that you know of. Keep on reading and find out what are the most recommended steps for every business, individual, university etc.

When thinking about business, there are so many successful law firms that can help you to make the best of it. But, what catches the eye the most is that the reviews around the internet can show you what would be the best solution for a particular situation. Business Lawyer Brooklyn, New York City, provides such a huge range of opportunities. There are so many experienced and well-trained business experts and corporate attorneys that can make a huge thing of your idea. Or even better, you don’t even have to have an idea, they can make it. Depending on your circumstances, your finances, your goals, and visualizations, you can achieve everything you have ever wanted. Every successful businessman or an individual has some secret. And what would be that secret? It may definitely lay under someone else. There is a whole team behind some successful brand or the particular individual that guide them through the whole process, from the idea to making the dream come true. Sometimes, it is very hard to realize everything by yourself. An objective mind that is aside can see so many opportunities that a subjective person can miss. If you are running a business or trying to make your plans work, you are probably emotional about the whole process. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about it. Emotions are great, and they give someone a motivation, but they may also make a person or a group of successful individuals to be stuck at the same ‘’place’’. Lawyers will make your mind to work at 120% and to see the whole picture. You need to capture it all, from opportunities, which are always literally endless, through visualization of every single step that must be taken. The end always need to be a happy one!

Corporate lawyers are people who have particularly specialized in all fields of corporate law. If you are not so aware of all the facts it includes, you need to have the best corporate lawyer which will help you to achieve all of your goals. And that is not all, you won’t be insecure anymore, not even a second. Remember yourself doubting about every single step and having headaches once you make a mistake? Well, such a situation won’t repeat ever again. What will you get is that you will be safe all the time. They will know exactly how to negotiate your contracts, or every employee contract, no matter how complicated it is. What else they do is that they will be able to fully prepare and fill out the government’s reports, draft all the legal documents, and review every single new strategy when it comes to business relationships with other subcontractors and even vendors. Besides that, they are very well trained to guide the managers on compliance matter and also the regulatory matters. Training workshops will be administrated every time needed and employees’, and especially new employee’s handbooks will be regularly formulated. When it comes to legal issues, analyzing them can be sometimes hard. But, it is even harder to analyze them by yourself in a relation to a proposed product. Not anymore. The corporation needs to have a strong presentation of its ideas and the business plan, but it can be done best by lawyers that will complete all the court trials and administrative boards. In that case, a business plan or any other plan has much more chances to succeed completely. What about structuring joint enterprises? They can be structured with other organizations that have similar interests, for the best of both sides.

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Completely Innovative Approach To Law Firm Innovations

When talking about business, it is always important to keep in mind a fact that everything changes. Your business may evolve or the market may change, the law can change… There are so many parts that people need to be aware of to get the whole picture of success. What best law firms need to do is that they have to meet their clients and their special needs. Every person is different, and because of that, the firms need to recognize the client’s needs and to make the best ideas for future plans. Also, every law firm wants to become more efficient and to invest in the real future benefits. Plans are everything, but innovations make it possible. It is also very important to think about next generations and legal solutions. Advancing the practice of law is definitely what this world needs!

Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney needs to know how to handle all the kinds of intellectual properties. What does that include? First of all, it definitely includes trademarks and patents, copyrights and trade secrets and more. That part literally must include all, from small to large business, to individuals. The universities are also the ones that need to be included. That is exactly what kind of litigation everyone wants and needs-to be in a cost-effective manner, but it must be that way in all cases. When talking about the most effective work of law firms, they must be very open-minded, including handling, and even handling the IP litigations. The intellectual property rights are what every person that is a part of the law firm must have. In that case, only, it can succeed. When talking about the nowadays legal environment, it can be easily seen how there is a small percentage of cases that need to go trial. But, it cannot be able to trick anyone, because there must be a council that will be particularly focused on many other different business objectives. Let’s say such business resolution is very creative and in order. What law firm needs to do here is that it will try everything to achieve those objectives but also to litigate the case in such a manner that must give a result of another resolution. Extensive experience is another thing needed for success. It must be used when it comes to alternative disputes of the resolution mechanisms. The clients need to explore everything with the firm-from potential risks, through costs which are associated with the ideas and plans, and of course the opportunities that must include numerous strategies. Those strategies are often mediation, litigation, negotiated settlements, and arbitration. Attorney’s need to practice all the time in the different kinds of cases and to combine many extensive experiences. That will enable the law firm to give the right information to judges in a completely persuasive way.

The patent law firm needs to take a closer look at two particular aspects that will keep it away from some encountered appellate morass. What are those two particular factors of high-importance? The first one would definitely be that a law firm needs to establish such a meticulous record which has to be on the top beside other lower courts. It is all about the record. Sometimes it may happen that even a perfect record of the clients have some issues that need immediate changes. The second important thing every law firm needs to complete would be that all the stuff has to be very well-versed. Appellation the practice rules is definitely a must. All of the procedures need to follow the wealthy knowledge about the whole process. Of course, such knowledge and the whole process need to be exactly in the best interests of the client himself/herself. All in all, the client is always right. What law firms need to do is that they have to plan the whole process of the clients’ visualization. Besides that, they need to predict all of the possibilities that may or may not appear unplanned. Being highly prepared for the best and worst case scenarios is exactly what a successful law firm needs to have. Leaving nothing to a case is just a first step, it all requires a hard and consistent work.

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